MY Story

Smile at life, bring light into it!

Hi, I’m Lana. I love to smile. If I can do anything all day long – I will smile.

I wish smile could pay my bills. Sigh.

First thing you need to know about me: I am an optimist. I have deep faith toward our future, and I am the first one to tell you that everything will be OK. Don’t ask. I just know.

From a young age, I sensed I lived in a different world. I have a unique perspective. It’s a positive intuition toward almost all aspects of life, that many people cannot seem to relate to. Naive, unrealistic, dreamer, crazy, impractical…you can name it, but I chose to think of myself as being an innovator in this field.

My parents have gifted me an extraordinary life experience. We moved from continents to continents, experiencing diverse cultures. I grew up in the West and the East, rural and urban, chaos and order. It wasn’t always easy. My parents believed(or didn’t have an alternative) in living the local way. I went to local schools, I was expected to learn new languages fast, make new friends easily, fit in the new environment, and juggle cultural diversities between home and school. Just when I thought I leveled off and found how to fit, the change came disruptively and penetrated my defenses and sense of control. I overcame many identity shifts and my greatest challenge yet was to learn to let go of what I thought was “normal”. 

My unique perspective forms on this exciting narrative, as I surrendered to observe the unfolding, collecting bits and pieces to create a safe space, somewhere I could hold on to – my own world.

lifewlana is such space.

It reflects my perspective on life.

The stories I want to tell.

The light I want to share.

“I envision a world that lifts us out of our shadows and light up our geniuses within.

Where being yourself is enough, and that is the source of the light.”

Purpose of this space

Create to be

As the creator of my life, and I want to live authentically.  I believe creativity is a way of self-expression. It reflects my way of being. Creativity is my nature. It’s my ultimate personal power, and I choose to exercise it. I pursue small, imperfect, regular daily creative practices.

Share to connect

I am privileged to be a natural communicator. I love connecting with people around the world. I am passionate learning languages which expands my circle of community. Needless to say, the root of the word “communication” means “to share”, and that’s the intention here.

Lead to unite

I believe we can learn to perceive each other better, from a place of wholeness. I believe communication – in its best form – is the bridge to our connection. And lastly, I believe in leading by example and be the change I want to see. This space holds me accountable for that.

“There is only one way to look at things. Until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes.”


Perspective is a function of experiences. You can change your perspective only by experiencing it yourself, or having someone guide you through their experiences. Sometimes, it can be enlightening to be shown the way to “see things differently”.

Do you trust yourself? Do you know you are enough? Are you being responsible for meeting your own needs? Do you know how to channel your emotions? Do you listen to you body intelligence? Does your beliefs help you achieve your deepest desires?

DISCLAIMER : I do not have all the answers to these questions or a quick self-help manual to follow.

What I have are the experiences and knowledge that helped me develop a perspective which lifted me up to “see” the gifts life has to offer.

Unfortunately, most of us live sleep walking. We turn on the auto-pilot, and life passes us by. We are stuck in the shadow plane. Worst is, we regret it when we face the end.

There is a better alternative, which I would like to share. My experiences had such profound impact on my life, I almost think it is my responsibility to guide you through, so you may be shown the light at the end of the tunnel.

My projects are based on personal explorations and inspirations. They are by no means universal truth. Take it as one angle of the story.

Maybe combining with yours, will reveal the story as whole?

My Projects


I am social! If you like the contents I am sharing and they resonate with you, you are welcomed and encouraged to connect and engage by sending me an email or comment on the posts, share & follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

One of my purpose, as written above, is to connect and I would love to hear from you. I believe in the magic that sparks when like-minded people come together.

***Gentle Reminder to be Respectful***

Your engagement with my contents is valuable to me. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for taking your time and extending your thoughts to the person(=me) in the arena getting her ass kicked, in the pursuit of a better world. As a gentle reminder, I kindly ask you to be respectful with your comments – if you have doubts on what it means, please consult the Comment Policy before. Accessing this website or leaving a comment indicates acceptance of Space Policies. 


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